America’s Mainstream Media: Weapons of Mass Deception

I wasn’t always a conspiracy theorist… Not so long ago I believed I had the world pretty well figured out. Through both education and personal interest I had acquired what I believed to be a pretty good picture about how the world worked. I understood business, and economics. I avidly followed politics and I kept track of […]

Breaking News: The Establishment is Real!

One of the many interesting anomalies of this 2016 Presidential election campaign has been the re-emergence of the concept of The Establishment. Back in the sixties this was a fairly common expression, used by an aroused, engaged generation to describe the loose-knit cooperative of corporate, banking and military institutions who pooled their influence to exert control over politicians […]

The Real Issues Candidates Won’t (or Can’t) Talk About

Quick Survey: What do you think are the most serious problems facing out country today? Well, if you’re a Republican politician, your answer will be Terrorism, Immigration, and Taxes (too high). Of course, if you’re a Democrat politician your answer will be Inequality, Unemployment, Education and Taxes (too low, for the rich). But amidst all […]

Americans Aren’t Really Stupid… We’re Just Programmed That Way

Back in stone age (the 1990’s) when computers were only as good as the programs and data fed into them, their failings and limitations were summed up nicely by the expression “Garbage In – Garbage Out”. This is in fact the nature of all intelligence systems; whether artificial-like a computer program, or organic – like the human mind. Each is only as […]

We Will Never Vote Ourselves Out of this Mess

As a avid fan of this Political Wrestling League we call our national elections, I’m aware that it’s all a show; that they’re not really hitting each other, the fights are choreographed and the blood isn’t real… but sometimes I get so caught up in the drama of it I forget that it’s all staged. I forget […]

Trump: B-List Billionaire with Something to Prove

Donald Trump’s entry into the 2016 Presidential race has shaken up the political process we’ve become subject to over the past few decades. In recent elections, the candidates have been vetted in advance, with their political viability determined by their ability to collect campaign funds from the corporations, banks and billionaires. Candidates vying for approval and funding from the American political […]

Propaganda, Programming and Elections

One of the central tenets of the neo-revolutionist point of view is the assertion that the American people suffer under one of the most powerful and pernicious propaganda machines in the history of the world. This is because the same billionaires, bankers and corporations who own now own and control our government – also own and control […]

Are You as Free Today as You Were Yesterday?

It’s common during election seasons to hear politicians ask us whether we are better off than we were under the previous administration… but you never hear anyone ask if we are more free? This is a bit odd, considering that freedom is supposed to be our nation’s most revered, preeminent principle. Liberty, along with life […]