Empowering Your Oppressors is Not Your Patriotic Duty

Most of us raised in this country have been subjected to a significant amount of behavioral conditioning… especially when it comes to what is out Patriotic Duty as Americans. It begins in kindergarten, when we are taught to Pledge Allegiance to the flag – well before we have any idea what the flag represents, or what the word allegiance might mean. It continues with our Pavlovian response – standing at attention – whenever the Star Spangled Banner is played, whether that be at a school assembly, a ball game or a WWF Pro Wrestling match. We loose our minds if anyone burns the flag without recognizing – apparently –  that someone doing so is in fact a exercising the very freedoms for which the flag stands.

And of course, we all are conditioned to believe that voting is our Patriotic Duty.

We are told, without any supporting facts, that millions of men and women died for our right to vote. But nowhere in the run-up to our many wars do we actually find any specific danger to our voting rights. In the last century’s World Wars we fought against fascist dictatorships, true… but there’s no reason to believe that American voting rights were ever truly in jeopardy. What was in real danger was the our economic interests – the perennial, true reason behind all wars. But that doesn’t stop the propaganda ministers exploiting the deaths of our soldiers to modify and control our behavior.

Ours is a representational form of democracy. Unlike a direct democracy, where citizens would theoretically vote for each bill and policy of the government, in our system we vote for representatives whom theoretically act in the interests of the people who voted for them… how’s that working out for you?

It’s not. And the reason is that for decades now, this system has been corrupted by the money and influence of a powerful group of people comprised of globalists, corporatists, financial chieftains and dynastic wealth. Through their vast resources, their thousands of lobbyists, their endless campaign funding, their wholly-owned media empires, their policy-dictating think tanks and their military and security operations, these elites have destroyed what was once a government by and for the people – and turned it into a fascist, corporatist, oligarchy in which every policy, every bill, every Supreme Court decision, every war and every election is manipulated to benefit and enhance the wealth and power of the secret ruling class.

Nowhere is this more apparent than in the modern history of Presidential elections. The entire second half of the 20th century has seen the steady increase and control of the elites over not just the elections – but also of the behaviors of elected officials of both parties. Overarching the administrations of both parties have been the relentless agendas of the elites: Trade Agreements for their Corporations; Tax Breaks for their Billionaires; Deregulation for their Bankers and Brokers; Manufactured Terror; Enhanced Police State Powers; Endless War; Drone Strikes and Torture.

We the People don’t get to vote for – or against – any of these elitist policies and agendas… they go on and on because we continue to vote into office candidates who have been specifically chosen and are controlled by this group of megalomaniacal elites – who care nothing for our welfare, but are interested only in increasing their wealth and control of the entire planet.

In the 1940’s, Italy’s dictator Benito Mussolini said Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” Now I ask you… is there any better description to today’s political environment than a merger of state and corporate power?

In just the past 15 years Americans have lost millions of jobs as corporations capitalized on so-called Trade Agreements that allow them to exploit low-cost third world workers and evade taxes. Our specious War on Terror has conveniently provided the endless demand for arms and materiel so needed by our outrageously bloated war machine. we are subject to the most pernicious invasion of privacy in the history of mankind, we’ve been convinced to surrender our Bill of Rights without a fight (something millions really did die for), and we’ve become little more than slaves to a system which keeps us broke, and scared, and over-taxed and deeply in debt.

Whatever you want to call it, this government is no longer a functioning democracy…  it is fascism, it is oligarchy, it is plutocracy. And these wealthy and powerful people who have taken over the government and corrupted the politicians are not “job creators”, they are oppressors. They are the perpetuators of a system wherein they get more wealth, more power, more privilege… and we get less.

So what’s wrong here America? Why do we keep electing politicians who time-after-time put the interests of the elite ahead of those of the people? Why do we accept as “just politics” the candidates’ bait-and-switch campaign tactics – where political promises and party platforms bear little or no resemblance to actual performance? Why are we so docile and complacent when it’s obvious that we now have effectively no impact on the legislation and policies put forward by our governing class? Why do we never choose candidates who will work for us and protect our interests… and why do we continue to vote for our own oppressors?

The answer… it’s because we don’t choose our candidates – they are chosen for us.

Being elected to a position in the federal government is a really sweet gig. The work is easy, the money is great, the perks are amazing, the benefits are top drawer and the retirement package is unbelievable. The only problem is that you have to get people to vote for you – and that costs money… lots and lots of money. So in order to run for President, or to keep your plush Congressional or Senate seat you have to put yourself up for auction, selling your services to the highest bidders.

In the past thirty years no candidate – Democrat or Republican – has made it on to the November Ballot without having sold us out and secretly committed themselves to the agenda of the elites.

So while you Democrats may think your candidate’s progressive policies will move the country forward; and you Republicans may think your candidate’s conservative policies will save the country from sliding into ruin… you’re both wrong. Because your candidate’s policies and ideologies are nothing more than marketing positions behind their bogus advertising campaigns. They’re selling themselves, and to do so they simply make statements, claims and promises that their research tells them will appeal to their target demographic. That’s it.

Once they get into office these prostitute pols cannot wait to do the bidding of their masters… to deliver on that promised deregulation, or those new tax deals, or that big trade agreement. They know that if they play ball with the big boys, not only will they get to keep their plush jobs… they’ll be set for life!

Meanwhile, you and I are supposed to do our Patriotic Duty and vote for these criminals. We’re supposed to pick the ones that best represent our interests – even though none of them do. We’re told that the only way we as citizens can make a difference is to vote.

All of that is a lie. Voting for corrupt politicians in a corrupt political system is not patriotic – it’s aiding and abetting the very people who are dismantling our freedoms and destroying our country.

When we vote today, we lend legitimacy to a fraudulent and unrepresentative political process. We give our consent to be ruled over by deceitful, money-grubbing politicians who think nothing about selling their services to the highest bidder. We allow the perpetuation of a fascist form of government that pretends to serve the people, even as it diminishes our power, destroys our freedom and decreases our standard of living.

In the current, corrupt political environment we do not create change through voting… we only perpetuate the status quo. We only empower the very system which enslaves us.

Boycotting this election is not an act of apathy… it is act of civil protest and revolution. This is not a “do nothing” campaign. I’m not suggesting you simply stay home passively on election day. I’m asking for aggressive non-participation in this election process. I’m asking you to reject all the voices who mindlessly repeat the worn-out propaganda telling us that we must vote. 

I’m asking you to withhold your vote as a protest against a cynical system which has rendered that vote meaningless.

Voting for the tools of your oppression is not a patriotic act… it’s an act of subservience and an abdication of your human duty to fight for freedom and against the forces oppression and tyranny.


3 thoughts on “Empowering Your Oppressors is Not Your Patriotic Duty”

  1. Excerpt…

    “Consider; many times policy change in a corrupt government is driven more from those outside the corrupt government, rather than from within. As forces amassing outside of the system grow they put pressure on the system to change in order to bring the dissenters back into the fold. The boycott movement has the present mandate and is only 8% points away from claiming a simple majority.

    Proactive boycotts to gain that majority can be conducted safely, peacefully, and patriotically from your own home by sending a simple and polite certified letter to your supervisor of elections demanding that your non vote be counted as a ‘Vote Of No Confidence’ in our present corrupt government. Display your letter, with those of other citizens, in public gathering places to bring others on board and at the same time discuss and apply force for a Constitutional revision. Here is some starter information for those who see the wisdom here;

    “Strategy — Phase One
    1. Election Boycotts:
    Gaining Power: Job number one — creating a responsive to the will of the people direct democracy electoral process… Farce to force! Yes, you have to give up being controlled by farce in order to take control and gain force! This will take proactive, not passive, boycotts of the present electoral process with a reorganization outside of, and in parallel with, the corrupt system.

    When you come to see that these abuses are either by design, as I strongly believe, or even not by design, it matters not. What matters is that the abuses exist, they are severe, and they are working to destroy us. Good conscience, love, and caring, compels us now — all of us — to withdraw our consent, to no longer be complicit, and to shun the present farce immoral social political system and start again to gain force outside the present system.

    The power of shunning — a ‘Vote of NO Confidence’… Voting is not a civic duty, it is a civil right like free speech. Just as you are not compelled to speak, you are not compelled to vote. Not voting is a vote that has the power of context. In times of citizen satisfaction a non vote can be considered a vote of confidence in the government that is setting the policy that is providing that citizen satisfaction. In turbulent times, where the citizenry is vocally dissatisfied and has repeatedly shown its disapproval when the government has repeatedly acted against its citizen will and been non responsive to that will, a non vote can be considered a ‘Vote of NO Confidence’ in that non responsive government. There is little doubt of citizen dissatisfaction with today’s wealthy elite Xtrēvilism corporate governance and little doubt that moneyed wealthy elite corporate interests have hijacked our government. Poll after poll leaves no doubt as to citizen dissatisfaction. Non votes in today’s context can confidently be counted as ‘Votes of NO Confidence’ in this hijacked government.””

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  2. Thank you! Your view and perception of the current issues facing this country are undeniably accurate and dead on. I do not know why it seems the general public has lost interest in what is really happening. It seems like there is an apathy or if I ignore it, it will go away and “I don’t care what they do just don’t impact me!”. I served in the military for over 20 years and I am very patriotic when it comes to defending this country against enemies both foreign and “Domestic” as everyone should be. I now know that my vote does not count in the current system or lack there of. It looks like a economic and political free for all! But only for the wealthy and the politically connected. It is very sad that everyday I have to worry about what’s going in this country and where and how I can actually do something to help. Our own ways of communicating are being controlled and our ability to protest against anything is threatened. Your solution to cast a vote of No Confidence is the way to go. If people do not buy a product from companies that produce products that are harming someone or some thing then that company will go out of business or change their product. I think everyone witnessed the overthrowing of this government back on Sep 11 but that effort was planned long before that day. It takes a lot of courage these days to say anything negative in public about the government or about politicians. Than You.

  3. Thank You Robert, for your comment and for your service to the country.
    It seems these days that too many people are stuck in that old “love it or leave it” mentality. But like you, I am very patriotic. It’s just that I want the country to live up to the ideals it was founded on and not fall into Oligarchy and Fascism. The only way we can make it once again make this a government by the people and for the people is to expose and overturn the corruption in the current electoral system.

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