The Lesser of Two Weevils

So it’s official… the 2016 Presidential Election will be a choice between Hillary Clinton & Donald Trump… or, as I like to call it, the lesser of two weevils.

One’s an ethically challenged apparatchik of the neofascist regime that has destroyed our country, while the other is narcissistic political neophyte with a god complex.

As Trevor Noah, host of the Daily Show has pointed out, these two are the luckiest Presidential candidates in history because both are running against the only person they could possibly beat”.

What a coincidence. I mean, Hillary Clinton – disliked by most Americans; exposed as unethical, money-grubbing tool of bankers, corporations and the war machine complex; wife to disgraced, bank de-regulating, NAFTA signing, skirt-chasing impeached former president – would have to be running against an almost unelectable Republican candidate to have any chance at winning… right?

And Donald Trump? At best he’s a silver spoon baby who’s main skills are ostentatious self-promotion combined with a grifter’s talent for conning money out of bankers and ordinary people alike. His experience as a tabloid/reality TV star makes him the rare politician able to provoke, rather than avoid controversy. And his shock-jock campaign tactics and rubber-chicken-toastmaster political speeches endear him to millions in our know-nothing political wastelands. Still, as a dubious billionaire with an over-inflated ego (and resumé), Trump has no political background whatsoever. He never held any political office, has no experience with the legislative process, no foreign policy or military background, he doesn’t even have the backing of his own party. So on paper, the only way candidate Trump could ever possibly win the Oval Office would be if he were put up against a truly detestable candidate… like Hillary Clinton.

It’s the perfect political shit storm!

I can’t tell you how many times I have heard people say, “Is this the best our country has to offer?”

The answer, of course, is no. These two miscreants are not the best that our country has to offer – they are only the best we are being offered.

Contrary to the naive beliefs of too many Americans, our political system is not one where our best and brightest vie for a chance to honorably serve the interests of the American people. To be a politician today is to sell your services to the Bankers, Corporations and Billionaires who fund the campaigns and control your economical, financial and political future. If you are not corrupt when you enter the system, you will be once you’re inside the machine – where money and power rule and idealism is found only in cynical campaign propaganda and speechmaking.

This election cycle has been slightly different in that we have seen two candidates – Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump – who have managed to be competitive without the support of the Establishment Elites. Bernie, because his true-believer progressive policies resonate with millions of people fed-up with the wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing, fake liberalism of the last thirty years. And Trump, because he was fortunate enough to have his own money – and a provocateur’s talent for generating ratings and publicity.Trumpler

As we’ve discovered in the recent Wikileaks of Hillary’s emails, Bernie – if he ever was truly interested in becoming president – was taken out. The Establishment was never going to allow him, or anyone else, to get in the way of their man Hillary Clinton.

On the other side of the imaginary party line, the Establishment originally meant to offer us Bush or Cruz as their straw man – the plausible-but-flawed Republican candidate set-up to lose, and in doing so preserve the illusion of a democratic process. Trump messed up the Establishment’s plans, and for a while they were fearful that he might in fact mount a serious challenge to their carefully-crafted political theater. But Trump’s massive flaws – his egomania, his overt racism and blatant misogyny just to name a few – make him a perfect foil in the Establishment’s Political Passion Play. Trump can now quite easily be portrayed as a monster – a Hitlerian fascist from whom we can be saved only by the suddenly saintly Hillary.

They stage elaborate conventions, delegates cast votes, notables give speeches – all of to suggest that there is something truly at stake here. That the future of this country lies in the balance. But the only thing that is truly at stake is the Establishment’s unrelenting control over our country.

So now it’s the Establishment’s Choice vs. the Establishment’s Fall-Guy – a scenario we’ve seen play out before.

In October of 2008 the venerable FOX News conducted a poll which indicated that John McCain led Obama by a margin of 45% to 42% of the popular vote.  Obama won that election decisively with 53% of the popular vote and a whopping 365 electoral votes.

Likewise, in 2012 the Gallup Pole had Mitt Romney leading Obama with 52% of the vote vs. Obama’s 45% only one month before the 2012 election. Obama won that election with 51% of the popular vote and 332 electoral votes.

In both cases there were many in the press who where eager to have us believe that McCain and Romney each represented a real challenge to the Establishment’s Candidate Barack Obama – and then after the election they promptly did a 180, characterizing both politicians as out-of-touch, clueless and deeply flawed candidates who never really had a chance.

Similarly, between now and November we will see plenty of pollsters and pundits on both sides of the isle screaming about how Trump has real chance of winning this election… don’t you believe it.

This will be difficult for most of you to swallow, but here is the truth… no matter what you do Hillary Clinton will be the next President of the United States.

     Vote for Hillary: Hillary gets elected.

     Vote for Trump: Hillary gets elected.

     Vote for a 3rd Party Candidate: Hillary gets elected.

     Don’t Vote: Hillary gets elected.

Hillary Clinton will become the next President of the United States because the Establishment has chosen her… period.

The Establishment has not lost a presidential election in a very long time… probably since JFK.

Obama, Bush Jr., Clinton, Bush Sr. and Reagan – all were hand chosen by the Establishment to ride roughshod over the masses while doling out favors to the elite.

It will be no different this time.

So as we enter the final act in this political theater with the fiery speeches, dramatic debates and tactical October surprises… don’t forget that this is all a big show. Don’t forget that this is all staged to make you believe that you have the power to save the country by voting for Hillary or Trump – whichever weevil you choose.

But when all is said and done, Hillary will win in a landslide.

We will be congratulated in the media for having come to our senses and saving the country – indeed the world – from the unspeakable monstrosity that a President Trump would have been.

And Hillary Rhodam Clinton will ascend to the office of the President – her decisive victory will be portrayed as a mandate from the people, and a repudiation of Trump and everything he and his campaign stood for.

Hillary will march back into the White House, with Bill beaming lecherously at her side and Chelsea ably manning the receivables window at the Foundation.

And for the Billionaires, the Bankers, the Corporate Chieftains, the Military and Surveillance Industries who collectively installed Hillary in the Oval Office…

The party goes on.



3 thoughts on “The Lesser of Two Weevils”

  1. Do you know of any others involved in an election 2016 boycott? I’ve been advocating for a boycott since it became clear we’d get Clinton vs Bush (now Trump), but am getting little traction.

  2. Al,
    I haven’t really seen many others advocating a 2016 boycott. I think it’s a commentary on how deeply ingrained the party identity is among Americans. The two most common responses I get are:
    1) If you don’t vote then Hillary will win.
    2) If you don’t vote then Trump will win.
    And in this election, when both parties are fielding such despicable candidates, people with strong party identity find the prospect of a win by the opposing party’s candidate particularly alarming.
    In an ironic way, the horrific character of both Hillary and Trump actually actually makes the boycott concept harder for most people to embrace – because their fear of one candidate or the other is so high.
    I believe that the machine is – and has been – hell-bent on electing Hillary. And Trump’s idiocy is playing into that quite nicely.
    The Sanders and Trump campaigns were both fueled by voters disgust with the corruption of machine politics.
    But the rage against the machine is being replaced by standard party politics and demagoguery…
    American voters are way too easy to distract… and frighten.

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