Get Out There and Legitimize Our Fascist, Plutocratic System!

So we’re finally almost there. Decision Time 2016.

The lines have been clearly drawn.

On the right we have Trump – the unhinged, egomaniacal, sexist, racist, pumped-up contractor-cum-reality-TV-host.

Also on the other right… we have Hillary Clinton – heir apparent to the Establishment’s 30+ year reign, protector of the American Empire and faithful servant to the its corporate, banking and military industrial Citizen-Institutions.

Now, let me be clear, Trump is unfit temperamentally, intellectually and psychologically to represent the American people as president. But if the money masters wanted Hillary to be the next president – he was custom-made to be their fall guy. The October Surprise of this year’s election was not a terrorist attack or some dangerous altercation on foreign shores. The October Surprise of 2016 was a little video tape of Trump bragging about how his wealth and star status gave him an apparent license to assault women. This would-be Pussy-Grabber in Chief was taken down by a perfectly timed release of this video. Where has this video been? Who has known about it and for how long? It would not surprise me in the least that the Clinton campaign has been sitting on this video for months or longer. Knowing full well that it was a grenade they would drop into the Trump campaign at the 11th hour, exposing his disgusting sexist side to the people and mobilizing women and decent males throughout the country to – once and for all – reject this monster, and prevent him from debasing the noble office of the American Presidency.

So again… it’s decision time America.

And the decision – at least from what we see in the bulk of the news, information and entertainment outlets – is clear.

Do we want a Monster as president?

Or do we instead choose a long-time civil servant who has dedicated her life to the service of our American families and children…?

The decision couldn’t be clearer… and that’s exactly the way they want you to see it.

Between now and November 8th, we will be barraged with an endless parade of pundits, editorialists, talk show hosts, actors, entertainers and athletes (the glitterati of our propaganda machine) who will all pledge their support for Hillary Clinton – while throwing serious shade at even the thought of a Trump Presidency.

Hillary will win. And not by a small margin, but probably by one of the biggest landslides in modern American history.

And Oh, how we Americans will be applauded for our good sense and for properly performing our civic duties!

We will be told how proud we should be that – unlike the Germans in the thirties – we stopped our Hitler in his tracks. We proved the essential goodness and wisdom of not just our system, but our people as well.

We will be told that – in spite of her flaws (which will remain nebulous and unspecified) – Hillary Clinton will now go to work doing the best she can for the American people; to bring jobs back to our country, to reign-in the excesses of Wall Street, to protect our environment, to end global warming and to protect us from the scourge of terrorism.

We can relax now, and take a break from the stress of this interminable election season.

It’s over now. We have our Champion.

We can all now simply  Go. Back. To. Sleep.


But remember this. Nothing is going to change.

Barack Obama – a man who campaigned specifically on radically changing the direction of this country – changed almost nothing.

He continued the agenda of the Money Powers who bought and paid for his Presidency – the very same ones who are now pimping Hillary Clinton.

Under Hillary Clinton, the Establishment’s campaign for a Global Empire dominated by American Banks, Corporations and Military Partners will continue.

We will have more International Trade Agreements and less Jobs.

The rich will continue to become richer and the middle class will become poorer.

We will have more war and more domestic surveillance, more police state excess.

All of this is happening because the government is not the seat of real power anymore. True power now coalesces around a very small collection of extremely wealthy and powerful people who have conspired to create a world where they and their corporations, banks and institutions can operate with absolute freedom and impunity – above and beyond the control or influence of any government anywhere. That’s why they have pushed globalism and “Free Trade” on the world – so that they are free to build their factories wherever they can best exploit the poorest people, the cheapest resources and the weakest regulatory systems. That’s why their lawyers have filled the Trans Pacific Partnership with provisions that will forbid signatory governments from enacting any laws that interfere with their profitability. 

They are creating for themselves a legal and political framework which will put their profiteering and exploitation beyond the reach of any outside interference. Which will ultimately make them and their cohorts the most powerful entities in the world.

These Establishment Elite with their enormous collective financial and economical power have controlled the actions of our Federal Government for decades. They fund all elections, and therefore own all politicians. Their thousands of “Lobbyists” corrupt the Congress and Senate with legalized graft and bribery. And they insert their own representatives as heads of the very governmental agencies which are supposed to supervise their activities – including the EPA, SEC, FDA as well as the Treasury Department and of course, the Federal Reserve.

They have changed American Foreign Policy from one grounded in Freedom and Democracy to one of rapacious world domination.

They have changed American Economic Policy from one grounded in productivity and free market principles to an inbred collection of Too Big To Fail banks and corporations  – dominated by a out-of-control financial system, addicted to free money and criminally inflated stock valuations.

And Hillary… dutiful servant of the Establishment… will very likely preside over their next really big move.

After years of giving free money to Corporations and Banks – so they can purchase back stocks, pump up the equities markets and shore up their balance sheets – the Federal Reserve’s zero-interest-rate ponzi scheme appears to have run it’s course… they have drained all the money they can out of us. So now Hillary and Janet Yellen will be tasked with convincing We The (braindead) People that, because our economy is now in such great shape, it’s time to increase interest rates.

Without free money propping up the market – and without any real improvement in the economy – we are likely to see a stock market crash of truly epic proportions. The stock market bubble – which without any fundamental economic basis has seen the Dow Jones Industrial Average nearly triple in size, from it’s 2009 low of 6,443 to the current level of 18,197 – will burst. The American economy will be exposed for the empty shell it is. Average American people will be hit with devastation unlike anything we’ve seen since the Great Depression. We will loose our jobs, our savings and our homes. Those of us fortunate to still have jobs will likely receive even lower pay, and benefits will be nonexistent.

In crashing the American economy, the Establishment Elite will have executed their master plan for taking down the American people. Their intent is to bring Americans on par with other exploited workers around the world. This will be the Great Humbling of the American People, and it is a necessary step for the Globalists who believe that the American worker’s relative wealth, sense of entitlement and persistent political power is an annoying impediment to their pursuit of Total World Domination.

Some of you will find all of this difficult to believe. You can’t imagine a scenario where the rich and powerful would receive any benefit from intentionally destroying the American economy. But if you believe that the Elite will suffer along with us, think again. Through their secret get-togethers and their back channel networks of privilege, the Elite will have ample warning of this collapse – and plenty of time to protect their capital through sophisticated hedges and dodges and to move their money to safe havens – all so that after the crash, they will be able to swoop in and buy up assets for pennies on the dollar.

This is what Thomas Jefferson meant when he warned that banks and corporations were “more dangerous to liberty than standing armies”:

“If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around them will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their Fathers conquered.”

We are being managed people…

We are being manipulated, brainwashed, herded and harvested.

This is not a Democracy.

We have no representation.

What we have is a system of government which has been taken over by the Corporations, Banks and Money Elite – and which has been bent to do their will – not ours.

And yes, now it is Decision Time 2016.

Time to cast your vote for the person the Establishment has convinced you to name as the new President of the United States.

So get out there.

Cast your vote.

Legitimize the power of this corrupted, plutocratic government.

Formalize your consent to be ruled by Establishment’s Elite.

God Bless America!