About Vote-Revolt

IVoteRevoltButtonThis is a small, grass roots effort by people who have watched a country in decline, horrified that our elected officials have persistently done nothing to solve the real problems in this country, but instead have steadfastly executed policies which have served to benefit only the very rich and very powerful.

Through long years of observation and study, we have come to realize that very little of what we have been told, about our history, about our government, about wars and banks and money is actually true.

We’ve come to see Americans like ourselves as the most hypnotized, mind controlled culture on the planet. This is because we believe in the dual illusions of our “democratic system” and its sick sister the “free press” and so we fail to recognize that both are owned and controlled by an elite syndicate of billionaires, bankers and corporations – the power behind the powerful – and that most of us toil our lives away, debt-enslaved to tyrannical overlords.

Too extreme…? I don’t think so.

Remember the expression… “Money is the root of all Evil.” It’s true, but not in the way we have traditionally been led to think about it. It’s been interpreted for us to mean that pursuing money makes us evil. But the truth is that the people who control the money are the root of all of the evil in the world.

Our money, the formerly almighty dollar, is not controlled by you or me, it’s not even controlled by our government. It’s controlled by a privately owned and operated central bank that for 100 years loaned every dollar circulated in the world and made interest on each and every one.

That central bank is called the Federal Reserve and it’s owners are among the richest and most powerful individuals, families and institutions in the world. Backed by the full faith and credit of the United States of America they have systematically printed more and more and more money. Today there is $1.36 trillion U.S. Dollars in circulation in the world – that’s 1.36 million million – all of it borrowed from the Federal Reserve.

So if every dollar we earn or save is an instrument of debt… how do we, as people or as a nation, ever get out of debt?

We don’t.

And that is the secret of the power behind the money elite controlling this country, and much of the world.

They have cleverly taken for themselves the government’s constitutional authority to control our national currency. They use the ability to turn on and off the money supply to inflate – and then deflate – the economy, an ideal trick for their investment scams. They use the ability to grant massive loans to influence and control countries and politicians. They create for themselves and their cohorts all the money needed for their nefarious schemes  for economic dominance and world control, and then they stick us with the bill.

This syndicate, this cartel, this cabal… call them the elite, call them the establishment… call them whatever you like – they are the true power in our country and in the world today. They exist in an rarefied world far above us commoners and our petty concerns. They are citizens of the world – unrestrained by any petty nationalistic or geographic limitations – the world is truly their oyster. For decades been secretly building an international, legal, economic and financial system – controlled entirely by them – that operates completely outside the authority of any individual countries or states. This system is very close to completion – they are this close to finally achieving the power and control they crave.

But it’s not going to happen.

Because we can all see what they are doing now. For years they plotted in their secret meetings and societies – confident that useless eaters like us would never know what was about to hit us… until it was too late.

But we can see these assholes are doing. We can see it in the systemic corruption in the financial markets, the unregulated, unrepentantly predatory banks. We see it in a government which is now completely unresponsive to the needs of the people – and which instead pursues a persistent agenda favoring the rich and powerful. And we see it in an election process, in which candidates pre-selected, funded and controlled by the powers-that-be, are cynically placed before us as a sick imitation of choice.

We have no choice. Because whoever we vote for… they win.

That’s why we are advocating for a Vote Revolt.

It’s time to show the ruling elite that we no longer support their false, corrupt system. It’s time to shout from the rooftops that we are not fooled by their phony, divide-and-conquer two party system. It’s time to refuse to settle for the lesser of two evils.

We need to tell them, tell the world, and tell each other that this system is broken, it’s been compromised, co-opted and debased. And that it no longer represents the will of the People of the United States of America.

By staging a massive, Vote Revolt we will put the powers-that-be on notice that we no longer concede to them the power to rule or have any authority over us. We will expose the rot in the system once and for all. We will invalidate the corrupted election process and in so doing we will raise in this country the national will to make real and necessary changes to our system of government.

Revolutionary…? You bet.