Don’t Be Fooled by the Strawman

Remember when John McCain was supposed to be a viable Presidential candidate?

Or how about Mit Romney… remember when he was considered a legitimate contender for the oval office?

Somehow in both cases, these two Republican politicians were presented to us as valid Presidential candidates…  right up until election day. After that, it became obvious that they were deeply flawed as candidates, and that the Republican party fielding them was fatally out of touch with the American people. What could they have been thinking?

And yet here we are again!  With yet another impossibly flawed and hopelessly unelectable Republican candidate… and all we hear from the media is endless fear-mongering about how bigoted, belligerent, hateful Trump is –  and how dangerous it would be if he were ever – God forbid! – to be elected as President of the United States.

But the truth is that The Donald hasn’t a snowball’s chance in Hell of ever winning the national election… and he never did.

The fix has been in in for Hillary Clinton ever since the Bilderberg summit of 2008 where she agreed to bow out of the race to clear the path for Obama, and in return got the Secretary of State position, the right of first refusal on the 2016 Presidential Election – and, of course, hundreds of millions in guaranteed “donations” and “speaking fees”.

The establishment knows they have their man in Hillary Clinton.

The most persistent fallacies of our two party system are that: a) the Democrats are the party of the “People”, and b) that the Republicans are the party of “Big Money” and Big Business”. This has probably never been true, and it’s never been less true than it is today.

In America, there is no party that represents the interests of the “People”. Both the Democrats and Republicans are the parties of “Big Money” and “Big Business”.  The Establishment Elites don’t give a shit which party is in power – both parties do the work of the money lords.

It just happens that the elites have more cover when a Democrat is in the White House – when they have a representative of the “People’s Party” doing their dirty work for them. After Bush spent 8 years killing brown-skinned people in the middle east, they needed a brown-skinned “people’s candidate” to continue the mission. That’s why Obama was plucked from obscurity and given the gig.

Now we’ll have another historic new female “people’s candidate in the Oval Office… and I’m sure she will prove that women are absolutely the equal to any man – especially when it comes to military adventurism, drone-strike murder, crony capitalism and catering to the banks, corporations and billionaires.

Every election in memory has probably been similarly fixed. The have all become little more than an elaborate charade, meant to polarize us (because they can’t allow us to gang up on them, after all), pacify us, and give us the illusion that we have some element of influence over our government… we don’t!

Right now, the Propaganda Ministers of the Establishment (also known as the Media) are hard at work softening up the populace for the ascendency of their man Hillary. They know that we know she is a corrupt, lying, money grubbing creature of Wall Street, Corporations and the Military Industrial complex. They understand that Hillary has higher negative ratings than anyone who has ever had the slightest dream of becoming President. But she will be their next President – case closed.

Now the only thing left is to make the American people believe that at least she’s the lesser of two evils.

Enter Donald Trump – right on cue.

By any rational assessment, this should already be no contest. Forget what the polls say, the way the Electoral College works, it’s nearly impossible at this moment in history for any Republican to win the national election. And with Trump’s dismal treatment of women and hispanics and his overt hatred and bigotry (not to mention his overall assholery), he is ripe for the kind of media take-down that will destroy him in the major electoral college states. And once the election is over – once again – we will hear the media figuratively scratching their heads, wondering how he could have done so badly and what in the world will become of the Republican party?

It’s all utter bullshit.

Trump is the Establishment’s Straw Man. He is being used right now simply to take all of the heat, so that they can in essence beatify Hillary by comparison. He is taking all of the air out of the room. With every media cycle we are inundated with the latest Trump atrocities… did you hear what he said about women… about muslims… about immigrants… about hispanics… about puppies, apple pie and baseball!!

Now don’t get me wrong… Trump is not fit to be dog catcher, much less President of the United States. But he is no real danger to this country because he never had a shot at the job… the outcome of this election was never in doubt.

So while it might be fun, and even exciting to get all caught up in the evils and dangers of a Donald Trump Presidency… try to keep in mind that all of this is elaborate stagecraft…  political misdirection meant to distract us to the only slightly lesser evil … the return of the Clinton regime.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Be Fooled by the Strawman”

  1. Hi Barney,
    Yeah, gotta admit that. But while my prediction was wrong, I think most agree that the formerly-dominant faction of the Establishment was firmly behind Hillary and probably over-estimated their own ability to manipulate and control the outcome of the election. My model of the Elite Power structure is exactly like the Mafia. The dominant “family” for the past 30 years has been the unholy alliance fronted by the Bush/Clinton/Obama presidencies. And though, with the loss of the White House they may be “out of power” they are hardly powerless. As for Trump, I don’t believe he is the Lone Wolf he pretends to be. He appears to be backed by the Koch brothers and if so, with their man in the Oval Office, the “Koch Family” is now essentially trying to take over the territory. This may be exactly like an old time Mafia Gang War – no wonder Trump has decided to hire his own security team. Time to go to the Mattresses!

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