What Does Your Vote Really Accomplish?

“If voting made any difference… they wouldn’t let us do it.”

Mark Twain

One of the most persistent follies of the American people is our stubborn insistence that our vote makes a difference – that by voting, we decide who our leaders will be and what policies they will enact.

But no matter who we vote for, come November Hillary Clinton will become President of the United States – and there will be more catering to Wall Street, more Globalist Trade Deals, more Crony Corporate Capitalism, more False-Flag Terrorism, more Police State Terrorism and more Oil and Currency-Based War.

Don’t believe me? I get it. After all, given what’s just happened with the Brexit vote in Great Britain, how can anyone claim to know in advance what the outcome of the popular vote might be… right?

Wrong. The Brexit vote was a referendum; one of the most powerfully democratic instruments in politics, where each vote counts equally and every voter is heard…

Our election process is nothing like that.

At every turn in our election process there are fail-safe measures built in to the system specifically designed to filter and limit the expression of the People’s voice and to protect the Establishment’s control and power over the political process and the politicians. From gerry-mandered districting practices; to arcane delegate assignments rules; to unfettered campaign funding; to back-room convention deal making; and finally, to the last-gasp, fix-all of our electoral college system… our election process gives the Establishment a thousand ways to limit our votes, manipulate our votes, re-assign our votes and when necessary, negate our votes entirely.

And we call this a Democracy.

Most of the time the Establishment’s manipulations of the election are invisible to the average voter. We arrive at election day, with a naive faith in the process which has produced the candidates between whom we must decide the lesser of two evils.

But a look at some of the Presidential losers of the past 30 years is enlightening:

•  1988 – Michael Dukakis: infamous tank driver candidate.

•  1996  – Bob Dole: Viagra pitchman

• 2000  – Al Gore: Inventor of the Internet

• 2004  – John Kerry: Herman Munster stand-in

• 2008  – John “Get off my lawn!” McCain

• 2012  – Mitt “Magic Underwear” Romney

What an amazing cast of losers! It’s almost as if they were chosen to be the fall guys for the ultimate winners… but there’s no way that could happen… right?

Am I suggesting that the Establishment rigs the system so that we are ultimately made to choose between deeply flawed, unelectable candidate and the Establishment choice and (not coincidentally) media darling…? You bet your ass I am.

Which of course brings us to this year’s election between the boorish, racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, Donald Trump and the Wall Street, Corporate and Military/Industrial Complex candidate-of-choice, Hillary Clinton.


For all you Donald Trump supporters: I’m sorry, but your vote for Trump will be no more meaningful than the votes cast for Romney, McCain, Kerry, Dole and Dukakis.

And for all you Hillary Clinton supporters: likewise… though you will undoubtedly feel you have accomplished something with your vote when Hillary takes the Oval Office, all you will have done is to act as willing dupes of a political system that needs rubes to validate and rubber stamp a candidate who has been purchased and preselected for us by a corrupt, Establishment-controlled system.

And for all you Third Party supporters: I truly admire your passion, and your faith in the system is quaint. But your vote is not the protest you think it is. Sure, it says to the Establishment that you don’t like their candidates, but it also tells them that you still believe in their rigged system.

So what exactly do we accomplish by voting?

All our votes do is lend false legitimacy to an election system which pretends to represent us – but which is instead fully owned and operated by a colluding syndicate of establishment elites made up of billionaires, bankers, corporate/military/surveillance magnates and their political henchmen and toadies.

Now, what happens if we don’t vote…?

I’m not talking about a few million of us. I’m talking about a majority of Americans saying, No! We are not going to participate in this fraud of an election process?

If we Americans join together in a Vote-Revolt; if we band together in a  a massive boycott of our own election process; and if Hillary Clinton (or even Donald Trump for that matter) were elected with less than 10 percent of the population voting; that would be not only an unprecedented rejection of the candidate, but also an undeniable repudiation of our entire political system.

With a Vote-Revolt we will send a message to the Establishment louder than anything we can possibly say by voting in their rigged elections. Our Boycotted Vote is a statement of No Confidence in both our election process and our fraudulently elected political officials… something which is impossible to accomplish in any other fashion. And as with votes of No Confidence on other parlimentary governments, this will expose the corruption of our government and de-legitimize it as a valid expression of the will of the American people.

For all of these reasons, at this moment in time – and perhaps unlike any other in the history of our great country – not voting may be the best, most powerful way to have your voice heard.

And it is a vital first step in the long-overdue-process of re-asserting our authority over the policies and practices of our would-be leaders.

Join us.