Dear Bernie and Trump Supporters: Now that the Machine has Destroyed Your Candidates, What Will You Do?

The corrupt political machine which controls our elections has done an amazing job this season. It has masterfully executed its pre-election plan to have Hillary Clinton become President of the United States – this in spite of the unprecedented and unanticipated challenges posed by the Sanders and Trump campaigns.

But in spite of all of the Bernie and Trump drama… it was always going to be Hillary.

Hillary Clinton is – and has always been – the champion of the Establishment and the one chosen to continue the status quo agendas they have demanded from every presidential administration going back to Ronald Reagan. In Hillary, the Establishment has had a willing partner for their globalist pursuits, a champion for their perpetual wars, their world-wide debt enslavement and their craven designs for the consolidation and control of the economies, governments and currencies of the entire world. Wall Street LOVES Hillary, as do the War Merchants, as do Multi-National Corporations, as do the billionaires, the Rothschilds and all of the rest of the worlds dynastic wealth families. Hillary and Bill made their bones as bagmen for this elite syndicate of thief’s and murderers back when Bill was helping the CIA launder South American drug money, deregulating banks, signing job-killing trade agreements and transferring critical technologies to China.

In Hillary, the Establish knows they have someone who will continue to steer the ship their way – and make no mistake, they never had any intention of letting anyone else take the helm.

Just as when they ran John Kerry (Bonesman and Establishment sell-out) against George W. Bush (Bonesman and Establishment scion), the plan was to have Hillary run against another Establishment soldier… Jeb! Bush. By loading the ballet with their own loyal candidates, the Establishment makes it impossible for those meddlesome voters  (i.e. us) to get in the way of their long drawn-out plots to maintain and increase control of the world.

In this 2016 election, Hillary was meant to win and Jeb! was meant to be the fall guy – or the fall-back guy, if for some reason Hillary became unelectable.

However, though they may be nearly all-powerful, the Establishment plotters are not omniscient. They misread the extreme anti-establishment sentiment now rampant throughout the country, and because of this, underestimated the candidacies of Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump. The machine masters undoubtedly believed the American public – dumbed down by decades of American Exceptionalist propaganda – would docilely accept their pre-selected, billionaire-funded candidates and rubber stamp yet another of the Establishment’s minions as the Leader of the Free World. So when massive swaths of voters began avidly supporting the ant-establishment candidacies of Sanders and Trump, the puppet masters actually had a small moment of panic.

But that’s all past now…(whew!).

Bernie, having been systematically undermined by the DNC, made his deal with Hillary and has quietly retreated to his brand new beach house.

And Trump… well he has turned out to be a better fall-guy than Jeb! could have ever been.

Trumps serial foot-in-mouth eruptions have not just made him unelectable to most of the American public – they have continued to draw the focus of the scandal-obsessed news media toward his own missteps and blunders, and away from those of his opponent. In an ordinary election the media would have been forced to provide at least some coverage of Hillary’s deleted emails, or the donations of foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation, or her traitorous support for the Trans Pacific Partnership. But thanks to Trump, these and other Clinton exposés are easily shunted aside in favor of  The Donald’s never-ending idiocies du jour.

So now, with less than three months before election day, for the mind-control masters of the Establishment machine all the hard work is done. They have executed their propaganda campaigns, their media minions have flooded the information channels with deftly spun hit pieces and fear messaging – all masterfully coordinated to steer the herd (i.e. us) toward their chosen candidate. Despite the challenges posed by the Trump and Sanders primaries, it turns out that skewing the 2016 election in favor of Hillary has been almost too easy.

All that remains for them to do now is to bring this shit show home… and preserve, once again, the illusion that this is a legitimate democratic process.

So get ready for the “Get Out the Vote” propaganda. We’re going to be flooded with messaging telling us it doesn’t matter who you vote for… just vote!  They can pretend not to care who you vote for because having worked their magic and run the numbers… they already know.

Just as happened in the previous McCain and Romney campaigns, Trump’s camp will deny the polls and predict a November surprise… but it ain’t going to happen. Come November 9th, we’ll be reading about the Hillary Landslide, and how our great election process has once again been tested, and once again proven the wisdom of the American people as demonstrated in their overwhelming repudiation of the despised Trump.

The propagandists will have us believing that this is a great victory for the country, that the American people have truly spoken… that their voices were heard.

And we will believe it!

The Establishment candidate, who nobody liked, trusted or wanted anywhere near the White House, will ascend to her throne as planned, and they will have us believing that this is the will of the people!

That is the way this election will play out, no matter what you or I do, no matter who we vote for. For the Establishment it is all going according to plan. The only ones who will be surprised are the gullible Americans who still believe in the democratic fantasy of our election process. But in a system where powerful people control the information channels, and with them steer the political dialog of our largely low-information voters, the outcome is never really in doubt.

Hillary Clinton will be the 45th President of the United States.

So the question is, for all you Sanders and Trump supporters… what will you do?

I’m sure the majority of Sanders supporters will swallow their pride (along with maybe a bit of vomit) and cast their votes for Hillary. After all, she may be the candidate of the corporate, banking, war, surveillance machine… but at least she’s not Trump… right?

And Trump voters – well I hate to break it to you, but you guys are going down with the ship. You’ll be vilified post-election as ignorant, racist, right-wing extremists – the very personification of all that has gone so terribly wrong with this country. The corporate-owned media will rejoice that the country and indeed the world has been saved from your ill-advised support of what surely would have been an autocratic, dictatorial Trump regime…

So the two groups of American voters who have been the most aware and most disgusted with the corruption which has overtaken our political system, they will have their voices silenced and votes nullified.

And we still call this a democracy?!

There is one way -and one way only – for those of us who are disaffected with their political system to have any influence over it whatsoever… and that is to stage a massive, nationwide boycott.

We must force Hillary Clinton to take the office with the lowest voter turnout in modern history.

That will send the deep state, power elite a message. It will tell them that the American people do not consent to their criminal takeover of our political process. That we are finally awake; that we are aware of their manipulative machinations, that we will no longer follow their treacherous lead or believe anything that they say.

You see, this is not really about electing any specific candidate anymore… it’s about all of us coming to grips with the hard realization that the system has been overtaken by a consortium of elites who have taken control of nearly every aspect of our society. Yes they own the politicians – who cannot gain or keep office without doing their bidding. But they also own everything else: The media, who tell the stories and spin the arguments in their favor. The military, who conduct the endless operations that keep the war machine economy humming along. The banks, who’s predatory debt tactics and ponzi schemes enslave and impoverish the world’s masses. The courts, for whom “Justice” is now largely limited to punishing for the poor.

These are Hillary’s friends… her funders, masters, minders and criminal co-conspirators. They are not Americans, they are globalists masters-of-the-universe, whose aspirations are to create for themselves a position of power and influence above and beyond the control and influence of petty governments. They are not content with simply having all of the money and power in the world, their goal is the creation of a new legal class of being – one outside the reach of the laws of nations – a separate, privileged strata from which they will be able to continue their rape and pillage of the world without any possible interference from local laws or meddlesome voters.

This is why they give each themselves tax breaks, why they deregulate their industries, why they destabilize resource-rich countries, and why they press for more so-called Trade Agreements. Everything they do is to increase their own power – and isolate themselves from the inevitable reactions of the people who they exploit and subjugate.

They have owned the American government – and controlled the political process – for many years.

Today, when you or I vote, we are not making our voices heard, we are only legitimizing an election process that has long ceased to produce representatives of our interests – but one which churns out pre-selected political foot soldiers for a neo-fascist autocracy.

When you vote in this system – you vote for this system.

And no matter who wins… we lose.