We Will Never Vote Ourselves Out of this Mess

As a avid fan of this Political Wrestling League we call our national elections, I’m aware that it’s all a show; that they’re not really hitting each other, the fights are choreographed and the blood isn’t real… but sometimes I get so caught up in the drama of it I forget that it’s all staged. I forget that the candidates are in fact actors playing a part; that their words are scripted, rehearsed, and focus-grouped, that the candidates play pre-prepared roles of winners and losers, good guys and bad guys. And most of all I forget that the outcome is never really in doubt.

Nowhere was this more evident than in the most recent Democratic Debates where the presumptive new Heavyweight Champion, Hillary Clinton was pitted against a handful of would-be challengers – none of whom has the slightest chance of wresting the crown from her highness. Even Bernie Sanders – who’s fiery “Bern Baby” rhetoric was considerably tamped down for this debate – suddenly wilted in the actual presence of Madame President-to-be… even minimizing her email scandal, which until that point had been her chief area of vulnerability.

As for the three other dwarves, Dopey, Doc and Grumpy, they were there purely as foils, meant only to provide dull contrast to Hillary’s brilliance.

In the Republican Division of the Political Wrestling League there are more players, and the script contains a bit more drama. Heir-apparent Jeb Bush was meant to be the sacrificial republican lamb to Hillary’s ultimate ascendency. He was meant to easily fend off a band of lightweight challengers; Cruz, Carson, Christie, Rubio, Huckabee, Walker, Fiorina and Paul – all of whom (except for Christie) were clearly fighting outside of their weight classification.

But then Donald Trump entered the fray. A prodigious self-promoter, with the tabloid instincts of a reality star and a few billion to burn, Trump forced himself onto the Republican stage and in doing so completely screwed-up the prepared plot lines. In a system in which candidates speech is regulated and limited to topics approved by the donor class – the billionaires, bankers and corporations – Trump is the rare and dangerous candidate who speaks freely, and very much off-script. Trump has embarrassed Bush as a low energy guy. He’s spoken out against Globalist Free Trade Agreements and he’s even made the self-evident claim that George W. Bush’s bears some degree of responsibility for the 9/11 attacks.

By refusing to fight by the rules Trump has become a hero to the moron majority and a people’s champion.  But, as The Summer of Trump has refused to fade, he has become a legitimate threat to turn this charade into a real fight – with a chance to win the whole kit and caboodle!

And from the perspective of those that run the show, this cannot be allowed.

So, in this next round we’ll begin to see what happens when the owners of the game decide to take out a rogue player. As primary season starts Trump will be attacked by professionals. The fawning press, who until now have sucked up to him for ratings, will get new marching orders – and salacious new story lines to follow. The Republican Political Action Machine will start churning out attack ads, dredging up all manner of disturbing details about Trump’s life and business dealings. Their tactic will be to show the businessman Donald Trump how damaging it will be to his reputation, his empire, his brand and his fortune if he continues his improbable pursuit of the presidency.

Trump has always been a second-tier billionaire. He may build hi-rises, resorts and golf courses used by the elite, but he has never really been one of them. And when he finally comes to the realization that they want him out, or else, he will leave.

And once Trump is gone, the game will go on – as intended. Jeb’s war chest and dynastic connections will win him the Republican Nomination and Hillary’s Wall Street cronies will waltz her to the head of the Democratic Party.

And this time next year, when we go to the polls, ostensibly to elect someone to represent us as the leader of our great country, we will be forced to choose between two candidates chosen by the elites, for the elites… Our country will continue to be driven by the agenda of the globalists. Our middle class will continue to lose jobs to the Chinese. Corporations will still evade hundreds of billions of dollars each year in taxes. The Federal reserve will continue to degrade our currency and destroy our savings. We will continue to wage illegitimate wars that enrich our military industries. And we will continue to undermine uncooperative regimes with color revolutions and drone strikes. Our educational system will continue to stupefy our children, our colleges will churn our ever more debt slaves. And our health, our wealth, and our freedom will continue to decline.

You see, as long as the moneyed elite own our politicians and control our elections, nothing will ever really change.

It doesn’t matter who we vote for, every vote we cast is a vote for the continuation of corruption and for the perpetuation of a government which does not represent we the people.