Propaganda, Programming and Elections

One of the central tenets of the neo-revolutionist point of view is the assertion that the American people suffer under one of the most powerful and pernicious propaganda machines in the history of the world. This is because the same billionaires, bankers and corporations who own now own and control our government – also own and control our media, news and information services. It’s not horrific enough that these money elites tell our government what to do; what bills to pass, what trade agreements to sign, what wars to wage, but they then turn around and manipulate us; feeding us misinformation and propaganda so that we support the agendas they are pushing through the government! Every day we are force-fed a sickening diet of manipulative programming; phony economic data to prop up or crash the markets, false flag terror to prop up the war machine. It’s an endless stream of coercive messaging deftly designed to intellectually herd the masses into accepting beliefs and positions which serve the agendas of the elite.

Edward Bernays, in his seminal book Propaganda pointed out that “We are governed, our minds are molded, our tastes formed, our ideas suggested, largely by men we have never heard of.” And though we believe we are the masters of our own minds, Bernays asserted that “In almost every act of our daily lives, whether in the sphere of politics or business, in our social conduct or our ethical thinking, we are dominated by the relatively small number of persons… who understand the mental processes and social patterns of the masses. It is they who pull the wires which control the public mind.” 

Bernays wrote the above in 1928… and it is frightening to imagine how much more the propagandists might have learned, how much more coercive their mind-control techniques and technologies must certainly have become in the intervening decades. If turn-of-the-century propagandists could control the masses largely through the use of  newspapers, magazines and books available then, how much more seductive are today’s ministers of truth when their lies are backed by the sounds and furies of modern media? How much more convincing are their falsehoods when they’re repeated uniformly and pervasively in each of their corporate-controlled news outlets and echoed in our movies and television programs.

We live inside what may be the most controlled and insulated information bubble of the most effective propaganda machine that the world has ever seen.

And you know that the worst thing is…? We don’t believe it even exists!

Americans today  are more susceptible to propaganda than any other country in the world because we believe that we have a Free Press. And why we believe this? Because we’ve been programed to! We’ve been fed the Big Lie about our Free Press so consistently and for so long that we accept it as an unassailable truth.

So when we come to an election season… and our media starts doing it’s dance around the candidates preselected for us by the elite, we rarely question why one candidate appears to be the media’s darling while another is the target of critical and revealing exposés. We never wonder about one candidate’s rise from obscurity – or another’s fall from grace. We never inquire as to how the unimaginable sums some candidates raise are spent, or what favors they might buy.

We don’t question these things because our media doesn’t question these things, and we are accustomed to having our media do our questioning and our thinking for us. We justify our lack of curiosity and our willful ignorance with an unwaveringly naive faith in the freedom of our press, and with it an axiomatic core belief that if there was anything dirty or unethical going on, surely we would hear about it.

But what we fail to realize is that the entire system is dirty and unethical!

Your stalwart representatives in the press don’t work for you… they work the same billionaires, bankers and corporations that increasingly own and run this country and most of the western world. They use the media to condition you, me and everyone else to accept their picture of what the world is so that we won’t get in the way of the often evil policies and practices they impose on our government to promote, expand and maintain their worldwide system of dominance, control & exploitation.

When Iraq’s Saddam Hussein rejected of the elite’s exclusively dollar-demonated oil scheme – which was then the largely unknown centerpiece to America’s control over the world’s money and financial markets – it was an act of geopolitical insubordination that the elite could not allow. America would invade and occupy Iraq. Saddam Hussein would be removed from office and ultimately hanged. The sale of Iraq’s oil would once again be denominated in dollars and the country would be politically destabilized so that it could never again pose a challenge the absolute authority of the Anglo-American elite.

These were the geopolitical goals and agendas behind the Iraq war. But what were Americans told? That Saddam Hussein was a tyrannical dictator, that his regime supported terrorism, that he was secretly building nuclear weapons and that he was an threat to the life and liberty of American men, women and children living thousands of miles away on the other side of the planet.

Our “Free Press” slavishly complied with and trumpeted the elite’s spurious and preposterous justifications for war. Their WMD fear tactics and demonization of Saddam Hussein easily convinced us to accept the invasion and occupation of another sovereign country – acts which would have been unacceptable, if not unthinkable, to our founding fathers and to generations Americans who perhaps better understood the dangers of tyranny and the costs of true freedom.

In retrospect, changing most Americans’ political attitude was alarmingly easy. In almost no time, we were converted from a population that had historically respected national sovereignty and opposed wars of aggression and occupation, to a nation that blithely ignores it’s own invasions, occupation and flagrant disregard for long-established international law.

This perceptual and idealogical about-face could never have been possible were it not for a corrupted press and our inability and unwillingness to recognize it as such. But when we persist in believing in an impartial and objective free press – when in fact it is a tool of misinformation and deception – we actively participate in our own suppression and subservience to a ruling class which does not recognize or serve our interests.

The co-opted press tells us that international trade agreements will help the economy and provide jobs when in fact they offshore jobs while providing cheap labor, lax regulation, tax & tariff avoidance and greater profits for the international mega corporations. The press perpetuates the illusion of free markets, when in fact price fixing, collusions and outright fraud have long since become the standard practice. They support and maintain the false facades of freedom and liberty, while ignoring the steady dismantling of our constitutional rights, the alarming expansion of the police & surveillance state, and our out-of-control national incarceration rates.

And perhaps worst of all, they tell us that, as bad as things are, everything will be made better if we do one thing… Vote!

So why is the establishment – and their minions in the press – so keen on having the we the people vote? It’s not because they care what we think or what we desire from our government. It’s certainly not because they want our input into how our nation conducts its affairs. No, there is only one reason the elites encourage us to vote, and that is to maintain the delusion that America is a democracy. As long as we vote, as long as even 30% of us show up at the polls push the button or pull the lever for one of their candidates, then we can all go on believing that our voices have been heard, that our wishes are being considered, and that we have a hand in the management of our nation.

We don’t.

America today is no longer a functioning democracy… it’s an Oligarchy, an Aristocracy and a Corporatocracy – where only the desires of the rich and powerful are reflected in governmental actions.

When we vote for their pre-purchased, pre-selected candidates, we participate in a fraud being perpetrated against us. Our votes represent our consent to a system which refuses to represent us.

So don’t vote.

As long as we vote, the establishment and the media can go on with the pretense that the system works. They can hold their debates and primaries and caucuses, they can stage their elaborate and unnecessary “nominating” conventions and regale us with the pomp and circumstance of the ultimate swearing in of our next “duly elected” leader. And throughout the entire process will be the underlying assertion that this is our great democratic system, the people have spoken, and a new day has dawned for the American people.

The system, they will assure us, is not broken…

So as long as the establishment and the media are going to prop up a failed democratic system, as long as they are going to feed us misinformation and propaganda to keep us from realizing the truth of this failure, as long as we accept the deception and rubber-stamp the outcome… the system will never appear to be broken, and so it will never be changed.

The only answer is to expose the corruption, reject its fraudulent pretense of representation, withhold your support and in so doing nullify the entire electoral process and render it completely illegitimate.

Don’t Vote.TwainQuote

Break the System.

Only then can we go about fixing it.