The Real Issues Candidates Won’t (or Can’t) Talk About

Quick Survey: What do you think are the most serious problems facing out country today?

Well, if you’re a Republican politician, your answer will be Terrorism, Immigration, and Taxes (too high).

Of course, if you’re a Democrat politician your answer will be Inequality, Unemployment, Education and Taxes (too low, for the rich).

But amidst all of the jingoism and xenophobia, and all of their podium thumping, few politicians will ever admit that what’s really wrong with this country is  that we the people have have been maliciously divided into two groups which are intentionally polarized and kept at each other’s throats by a fractious and fraudulent two-party system, so that we can never come together as a people, and never reach an agreement about the direction of our country and what’s best for our people and our future.

In election cycle after election cycle, our population and our government have been mired a state of perpetual inertia – pathologically unable to effect any changes that would improve our country and the lives of our people. Year after year they trot out the same issues: Taxes, Social Security, Health Care, Unemployment, Taxes, Immigration, Terrorism, Abortion… and yet in administration after administration nothing is ever fixed, and the “problems” only continue or get worse.

And what do they tell us? “It’s those Republicans in congress” they say. Or was it the Democrats? Or maybe those pesky Teabaggers… whatever! But the implication is that this is an inherent problem of our political system.


The truth is that the ineffectiveness of our governmental process is not the unfortunate failing of our democratic process – its the intentional outcome of an Oligarchical system that’s disguising itself as a democracy.

You would need to go back to at least the presidency of JFK to find an administration that was still earnestly trying to protect the constitution and enhance the general welfare of the American people. Since then, we’ve seen a federal government which has progressively fallen under the control of the big money interests of Wall Street, corporate syndicates, the military/security sector and the dynastic clans which own the Federal Reserve and most of the world’s central banking system.

These money interests who have taken control of our government are not AmericanNor are they British, Swiss, German, Israeli or any other nationality. These people are supranational. They are members of a globalist coalition which together has power and influence which transcends national boundaries. They feel no duty, no particular loyalty to any particular nation. They operate at a level which exists over and above the reach of sovereign state governments. And their ultimate agenda is to create a legal/political structure which allows them to exert their power and authority over all governments in the world – and to be ruled and regulated by none.

These globalist elite are of a character completely foreign to the minds of most americans. They consider themselves superior to the common people, and as such they believe it is their right and duty to rule over the rest of us. Immersed in a perverse Machiavellian philosophy, they believe that deception is a necessary part of governance. For example, while they consider virtue on the part of a ruler to be weakness, they believe that the appearance of virtue as essential, and so their standard move is to promote their glorious goals and noble intentions – while carrying out the most evil policies and vile behaviors, and they consider fair game to use any course of action, any force necessary in the pursuit of their power over the rest of their and the subjugation its people.

So in other words, the elite like to blow smoke up our asses talking about Freedom, Democracy, Human Rights, Justice, etc… but meanwhile they use deception, divisiveness, and deadly force to put forth their agenda for amassing wealth, consolidating power, destabilizing governments and suppressing populations.

I know, I know… some of you out there don’t believe all this conspiracy nonsense… after all, you’ve never read about it in the Times, and there was nothing about this in the Wall Street Journal or on PBS. Well I can’t go into all the supporting evidence for this alternate ruling class here. But let me throw this at you… The Rothschild Family…. ever heard of them? They are, and have been, by far the richest family in the world for the past two hundred years. The family invented modern banking in the 18th century and by the 1800’s the family was richer and more powerful than even royals. They were billionaires a hundred years ago, and today their wealth is estimated to be in the hundreds of billions to perhaps even trillions range, and yet… they have never shown up on any “Richest People in the World” lists and most Americans have hardly heard of them. So perhaps, when it comes to reporting on the ultra-elites of the world, the Times, The Wall Street Journal, PBS and Forbes Magazine and the rest of our media might just  have a few holes in their coverage… just saying.

But let’s imagine for a moment that the Globalists did have enough power to control and influence our government… what kinds of evidence might we look for?


To prevent the Great Depression from ever happening again, the government put regulations on the banks after their excesses blew up the world in the 20’s and 30’s. These regulations were then taken down by the efforts of George Bush Sr. and Bill Clinton in the 90’s. The owners of the deregulated banks once again made billions… and once again blew up the world. And then to add insult to injury, we bailed them out!


Early in our country’s history, corporations wanted the government to protect their industries from the foreign trade that was either greater in quality than American goods or cheaper to produce. Then came two world wars and the explosion of massive American International Corporations, who now wanted those same kinds of protections eliminated not just in America but around the world, so that they could manufacture their goods in the cheapest, most exploited labor markets, and sell them anywhere in the world. And through a continuing series of secretly negotiated Trade Agreements, the corporations have gotten their way. As a result, 20 million working and middle-class Americans are out of work, our government has been deprived of trillions of dollars in avoided taxes… but hey, the corporations are more profitable than ever!


After cynically using the trauma of 9/11, and then the specter of Weapons of Mass Destruction, and now the existential threat of Islamofascism, the elite have pursued a policy of destabilization and balkanization of multiple middle-east nations to protect their Petro-Dollar system and to eliminate any obstacles to their absolute control over the area’s oil resources.

I could go on… but here’s the question. If our government was not controlled by the elite and their globalist agenda… if it were really a government by and for the people… then why would it repeatedly pursue policies that promotes disastrous financial recessions; the offshoring our manufacturing capabilities, our jobs and our tax revenues; the demolition of our middle class; the dismantling of our Bill of Rights; the end of privacy… the list goes on and on.

The globalist money powers have systematically and intentionally destroyed this country, because a strong, empowered American populace will only hinder their plans for world domination.

They want us scared, they want us broke and dependent on the government. They want us blind to what’s really going on in the world, they want us distracted by movies and TV and drugs and porn… And mostly, they want us divided by the bullshit, polarizing “issues” they brainwash us into believing are the true problems of our society – when in fact, our greatest problem is them, and their corruption and control over our government, our financial and currency systems, our economy and our foreign policy.

And today we are smack-dab in the middle of their most powerful mind-fuck…also known as the Presidential Election.

Every four years we are encouraged to get out and vote, make our voices heard, and make a difference – when all we ever do is rubber-stamp the appointment of some bought-off, pre-selected bureaucrat to the position of overseer of the government that they now own and control.

Well, you can participate in this farce if you like. You can subject yourself to their ritual of deception. But know this… the failings and inertia of our government have nothing to do with ineptitude, political partisanship, or inherent flaws in the system. Our government is failing because it has been taken over by the Globalist Elites… and it is functioning exactly the way they want it to. And it will only ever begin again to serve the interests of the American People if we rise up as one, reject their “Divide and Rule” manipulations, and take back from them the control of our government and our land.

How can we do that? I’ll have more on that next time.

But I will say this. It won’t be easy… and it certainly won’t happen just by voting.