Democrat Senators who voted for TPP Fast Track

Democrats. They are the ones who are supposed to support normal, working class people. But here are 13 Democratic Senators who all voted to fast track the Trans Pacific Partnership  – essentially paving the way for this job killing, multi-national corporate power grab to be approved by congress, without giving the American people the chance to know what it entails.

This really is no different than when the Bill Clinton signed the North American Trade Agreement – after campaigning against it. It is clear that these so-called “Free Trade Agreements” are really nothing more than attempts by corporations to manufacture a legal structures which will put their operations beyond the reach of any meddlesome government control, regulation or taxation. During his campaign, Clinton argued correctly that NAFTA would cost millions of American jobs and lead to exploitation of Mexican workers and increases in manufacturing based environmental damage… all of which has come to pass. But once he became President, Clinton was required to do the bidding of those who elected him. Not the voters, mind you, but the cartel of financial, corporate and dynastic money interests who were behind NAFTA and all such trade agreements.

When Clinton finally did sign the NAFTA bill, the argument for it was that once passed, the bill would help the economies of both countries so much that, in time, Mexico would become a major importer of American goods –  which would lead to more… not less jobs in this country. History has proven what a massive load of horse shit that was. But in this country it no longer matters if you lie to the American people. We have such a short attention span and our memories are so riddled by an endless stream of distraction, spin and fear, that our politicians can completely betray our interests and take up the agenda of the elite, and we barely notice and rarely remember it.

That’s what makes the betrayal of these 13 Democratic U.S. Senators so infuriating. Of the 13 traitors to the American people, 10 are safely ensconced in terms which will not expire until 2019 or later – more than enough time, they’ve reckoned, for us to forget how they have stabbed us in the back.

But we should all be very clear about one thing. Democrat or Republican, these political prostitutes no longer represent you or I – and they no longer represent any particular political ideology. These sell-outs work for the moneyed elite… period. They will say whatever necessary to garner the votes of the constituency they have mapped out for themselves. But once in office they do what the bankers, the billionaires and the corporations tell them to do. They do this because they know that it’s money – gobs and gobs of it now limitlessly available from billionaires, bankers and corporations –  that gets them elected and re-elected,  and that keeps them safe in their cushy government gigs. They do it because they know that sucking up to the powers-that-be will mean equally cushy and lucrative positions in banks, boardrooms and lobbying firms once their time in government is over.

Our democratic system has failed. Our government is now completely co-opted by this secret syndicate of money powers. As it stands we can never effect any change through voting – because most, if not all, of those who are running for national office have sold their souls to the syndicate. That is why we must revolt.

We must refuse to rubber stamp this corrupt, fascist system. Let these political criminals know in stark terms that they do not have the support of the American people – and more importantly, let them know that we are on to them. Let them hear – through our deafening silence – that the American people no longer believe them, no longer trust them, and no longer consent to be led by them.

In this corrupt, corporate controlled political environment, loudest political statement we can possibly make is to reject it completely. It’s no longer about who gets into power – that game is already rigged. Every time we participate in an election we also cast a vote of support for the system itself.  What we need to do is boycott the system, and in so doing assert that until our democratic principals are restored, until our government is once again run by and for the people, we will withhold our votes – and with them our support – and in doing so we will expose as illegitimate our government’s right to rule over us.

The way to take back this country is not to vote – but to stage a Vote Revolt!

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