Where Were You When Democracy Died?

I suppose it was inevitable…

I’m talking of course about the passage of the bill allowing the Trans Pacific Partnership trade bill to be Fast Tracked through congress.

When they talk about it, the main stream media only call this “Obama’s Legacy Legislation”, as though this were something he, a Democrat President, desperately wanted to impose upon the republican- controlled congress. What they don’t explain is that this so called “Trade Deal” has very little to do with trade, at least not in the traditional sense of opening markets to our goods and services.  What the TPP is about is cementing the power of the international corporate dictatorship. And by pushing this through congress, Obama performed his final duty to the world’s power elite, and his final betrayal of the American people.

The Republicans were in a sticky spot on this one. They secretly wanted to get this deal done – after all, they are every bit as beholden to the corporate elite as Obama. But in today’s polarized political environment they couldn’t afford to let their base see them cooperate with Obama on anything. And there was something was different about this trade deal too. Unlike GATT and NAFTA before it, the Trans Pacific Partnership came along when we the people have started become aware that our supposed democratic system of government is  in fact be a sham – that it has become corrupted and taken over by big money. For the first time, and with the help of alternative sources of information, we have been able to see this agreement for what it is – a brazen attempt on the part of globalist corporate interests to put their behaviors and practices safely beyond the reach of annoying governmental control and regulation.

Amazingly, we the people opposed it!

Scores of articles were written – mostly online – and thousands of letters and emails were sent to congressional leaders, imploring them not to allow this dangerous and largely unknown legislation to be forced through congress without the chance for proper dialog and discussion. We had brave political leaders like Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders speaking out publicly against its passage. We even delivered a temporary blow to the corporatists when the first attempt at fast tracking this diabolical bill was defeated in the House.

But these days there’s hardly any point in fighting the-powers-that-be. They own everyone. The media, congress, the Presidential Candidates – all of them are owned and controlled by the money elite. Hillary Clinton – a ruthless member of the establishment machine if ever there was one – had almost nothing to say about the TPP, except that she would be a better negotiator for the American people once she was in office… sure.

The sad truth, and she knows this better than anyone, was that the fix was in… one way or another the TPP will be passed, the elites will have their way. So for Hillary and the rest of the candidate criminals, the most expedient political thing to do is to avoid the topic, distract and confuse the American people with other hot-button issues and scare-mongering tactics, so that we don’t get our panties in a bunch over yet another step in the inevitable destruction of democracy and freedom.

Like it or not, we are entering a new world where the International Corporate and Financial Elite will operate outside of the authority of any governmental entities – and therefore completely beyond the influence of lowly individuals like you or I. In a world ruled by mega-corporations, considerations of right or wrong will be replaced entirely by profit and loss. So don’t be surprised when smart, ambitious politicians are quick to adopt this new morality.

We can all expect that for the foreseeable future, money – not compassion or equal rights or freedom or progress – just pure, crass, corruption-drenched-money will be the sole, overriding motivation for all of our political class. For they know better than you or I the benefits and privileges that await those who carry water for the establishment.

For those who do the bidding of the elite the reward is entrée… membership, if you will, in what is essentially the most private, most exclusive club in the world. But joining this crowd is not easy. To become a member of this ruling class you need to have proven your self useful to their agenda. If you’re a business person, you need to have shown that you can enhance their wealth and expand their capacity to control international industries and markets. If you’re in finance, you need to have proven compliant and supportive to their domination of the world’s banking and monetary systems. If you’re in the media, you must have served as a reliable mouthpiece for their propaganda and a disseminator of their misinformation and mind-control techniques.  And if your a politician, you must have shown that you are willing to abandon any idealism, betray the interests of the people who elected you, and promote and secure the interests and objectives of the master class.

But do these things… prove yourself useful to them, and a world of wealth, privilege and opportunity opens to you, the likes of which most of us mortals can’t even imagine.

Once you’ve crossed over and become a member of this ruling class you will likely never have to worry about money again for the rest of your life.

There are always opportunities for members of the elite: executive posts with corporations, lobby firms, think tanks; lucrative board positions, ambassadorships, university positions; rich speaking engagements and book deals… play your cards right and there might even be a secure spot for you in one of their secret doomsday bunkers (just kidding… I think).

That’s why Obama has pushed so hard for this legislation. He will be a young man when he leaves office. He’s not George W. Bush, he doesn’t come from a family with billions. Obama’s more like Clinton, if he wants to live the rest of his life in a style befitting a former President of the United States, he will need money… real money, like the $200 million range. By passing the Trans Pacific Partnership – just as Clinton did when he passed the North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement – Obama has secured not only his future, but that of his children, and most likely his children’s children as well.

That is the way it works now. Our once-candidate of “Hope and Change” was easily corrupted, coerced, and co-opted by the money powers. Ultimately, inevitably he will be assimilated into their ranks… resistance is futile.

So as we look forward to next year’s presidential campaign, we should all be able to see the game for what it is. Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are on track to raise a couple of billion dollars each – sums which will certainly dwarf the amounts raised by any other candidates – including Trump. Both are already members of the ruling class, so either of them are acceptable to the money masters. And regardless of whatever campaign promises they might make, we can be sure of one thing and one thing only… once either of them are in office they will continue the fascist, corporatist, globalist, debt-enslavement agenda of their powerful friends.

So tell me again… what are we voting for?


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