Hillary Clinton: Made Man

I’d like to take a moment to look at Hillary Clinton – the presumptive next President of the United States. Now calm down conservatives, I know you all have a million reasons why this woman will not – and should not – win the next election. But that’s not the point here. I’m not as concerned with whether or not Clinton is the best candidate for the office as I am with how it is that she became the absolute lock for the 2016 Democratic nomination.

It’s important to remember that it’s impossible to separate Hillary Clinton from her husband, former President William Jefferson Clinton. During his 1992 campaign, Bill Clinton was fond of saying that by electing him you get “two for the price of one”.  And during his presidency Hillary exercised more personal power than any other First Lady in American history; she headed  Clinton’s failed health-care reform initiative – even presented the program to congress – and was known to be influential in many of the Presidents high level appointments and decisions.

So a case can be made that in Hillary we actually have someone who has what might be called co-presidential experience.

But if that is the case, then we have to accept that Hillary also shares at least some partial ownership of Bill Clintons political legacy – for better or worse.

So let’s look at a few highlights, shall we?

First let’s go back to the Arkansas days. While Clinton was Governor, the CIA was running the Iran-Contra arms, drugs and money laundering operation out of  Arkansas Mena Airport, something that as chief executive of the state, he was bound to have known about.  I mean, here was the Republican  Reagan administration running their illegal Contra-aid program through his state, smuggling of tons of cocaine through Arkansas – and (Democrat) Clinton had no problem with that…?

Much of the money from this operation – estimated to be $100 million a month at it’s height – was laundered through Clinton’s Arkansas Development Finance Authority. This state run organization – was supposed to fund loans for schools, churches and other noble purposes – it wound up funneling millions to Clinton friends and associates. The very first ADFA loan of $2.85 million went to Clinton friend Web Hubbel’s Park-O-Meter firm, which manufactured aircraft nose cones for use in drug smuggling. And the law firm hired to approve and audit ADFA loan applications was none other than the Rose law firm where Hubbel and Hillary Clinton were senior partners.

This complicity with the shady, back channel underworld of the US power structure may have been the Clintons’ first brush with the dirty world of the real power elite, and probably where they made their bones as members in good standing. It was also likely the time where the Clintons forged their unholy alliance with the criminal Bush clan.

During Clinton’s 1992 Campaign for President, he ran on a populist platform, railing against a system which was skewed in favor of the rich and against the poor. He campaigned against George H. W. Bush’s proposed NAFTA agreement – rightly predicting that it would lead to the offshoring of US based manufacturing and lower domestic employment. But on December 8th, 1993 – not even a full year after his inauguration – Bill Clinton signed the bill into law, giving the multinational corporations free reign to export millions of jobs and destroy the economic vitality of our country.

But pseudo-populist Clinton was not finished doing the dirty work for the elite. He followed up the NAFTA signing with the Commodity Futures Modification Act and the Gram Leach Bliley Act – two bills which laid  the foundation for Too-Big-To-Fail-Banks and the unregulated mortgage backed security crisis central to the great recession of 2008.

These three acts were monumental gifts to the money powers, and by signing them – against his own stated platform and diametrically counterposed to interests of the people who elected him – Clinton cemented his relationship and standing with the corporate, billionaire & banking elite.

But never let it be said that the elite do not repay their debts. Though the Clintons supposedly left the White House “dead broke”, as Hillary told ABC’s Diane Sawyer, in following seven years the couple earned more than $100 million – largely through pricey ($200k per) corporate speaking engagements. As with all politicians who do the bidding of the money lords, after leaving office the Clintons were provided with opportunities and the means to secure a life of extreme wealth, privilege and power.

But wealth was not enough for Hillary Clinton. Never a woman to be satisfied with merely being the First Lady of the United States, she had always harbored grander ambitions. Hillary was addicted to power… personal power. She had only gotten a taste during Bill’s term in office, now she wanted the mainline experience for herself.

So immediately after leaving the office, Hillary set in motion her master plan to recapture the oval office.

A vacant New York State Senatorial seat dovetailed perfectly with Hillary’s liberal CV, and after eight years of catering to Wall Street, money was going to be no object. She won easily over the instantly forgotten Lazio – after Rudy Guiliani bowed out for “medical reasons” – and began the legitimate experience phase of her march toward power.

So in 2008, with two senate terms under her sansabelt pant suits, she was was perfectly positioned for her ultimate apotheosis.

Only it was not to be. Out of the political cesspool of Chicago came a smooth talkin’, change promising, black man (!) – totally prepared to promise the world – while actually continuing the agenda of the elite.

The king makers, eager to calm a population agitated by the outright lies, war crimes and financial rape of the Bush administration, found in Barack “Change & Hope” Obama a candidate more believable in the role of political outsider ready to challenge the status quo. But what to do about Hillary?

Coincidentally the annual Bilderberg meeting – a top secret conclave where Henry Kissinger, David Rockefeller and  of a small group of the world’s leading movers and shakers draft and carry out their plans for world domination – was being held that year in Virginia. A private sit-down was scheduled between Obama and Clinton, where Hillary was told that Obama was in – and she was going to have to bow out. But in return she would be given the position of Secretary of State in the new Obama administration as well as the right of first refusal on the 2016 Democratic Nomination.

Which I suppose brings us up to today.

Hillary Clinton began her formal campaign just a few weeks ago, and so far has been taking a very progressive stance, talking about the economic failures of the past 20 years, about income inequality, and the need make the economy work for working families. But on what is arguably the most import issue today – Obama’s attempt to Fast Track the Trans Pacific Partnership trade agreement – Hillary has been silent.

This is not entirely surprising. The TPP is after all meant to be Obama’s farewell gift to his masters. Like all previous Free Trade bills, it’s benign-sounding name belies it’s evil intent – as a cornerstone of the elite’s campaign for full spectrum domination over all of the world’s economic and financial operations. So malevolent are the intentions of this new document, that it is classified as top secret so that most legislators have not been able to even read the agreement in full. Still, Obama has tried to strong-arm our representatives to essentially approve the bill sight unseen. Like the Obamacare bill, it will have to be passed to find out what’s in it.

Fortunately, Democratic Senators rallied to defeat – albeit temporarily – the fast track attempt. No thanks to Hillary Clinton.

For all of her populist propaganda, Hillary could not possibly come out against the TPP fast track bill – in fact she was secretly hoping it would pass – because the people who have supported her, who have owned Hillary Clinton are the very same people who own Barack Obama, who owned George Bush and who owned her husband Bill Clinton – and they wanted this TPP agreement. They specifically wanted it fast-tracked and put to bed, so that it would not become part of the 2016 campaign, and so most American people would continue to be blithely ignorant of it. These people, this syndicate of power, is a cartel international billionaires, bankers and corporations. These are the kingmakers of the world today. Cross them, and you do so at your own peril. But play ball with them, as Hillary so richly knows, and the world is your oyster.