Why 9/11 is Still So Important

This site not really about Boycotting the 2016 Elections…

It’s about awakening to the NEED to boycott elections. It’s about awakening to the fact that a criminal element has taken over our government. That a secret society of bankers, billionaires and globalist corporations has joined forces andpooled their vast influences to effectively bend our government to their will.

This group is hardly invisible. They hide in the plain sight. They caucus in legitimate gatherings like Davos and The Council of Foreign Relations and they get together in privacy at the Bilderberg Meetings and the Bohemian Grove. Their vision for the world is one where they rule from behind the curtain. They are happy to have us all believe that we have a say in who our next leaders will be. They are thrilled that we hold onto the illusion that our political “representatives” actually represent us and our interests… when for decades it’s been evident that their relentless pursuit of Free Trade, Globalization, Deregulation and Privatization has benefited their friends and financiers in the banking and corporate ranks – while decimating the standard of living and destroying the futures of middle-class Americans.

So why do so many Americans fail to recognize the existence of this pernicious ruling establishment? Part of the reason, certainly, is the iron grip the corporate-owned media has on our perception of what is real. Americans have no trouble recognizing propaganda when it is dispensed by a news agency operating in a totalitarian country… we know, for example, that Chinese news agencies are putting a rosy spin on their economic and financial reporting.

But here, in the land of the free, we are mostly unable to accept that a mass media controlled by just a handful of corporations, might be conducting massive self-censorship and propaganda strategies to keep us both uninformed and passively accepting of the establishment’s globalist and fascist agendas.

Take for example Trump’s announcement that the country is headed for a massive economic crash in the near future. This pronouncement was met with across-the-board incredulity on the part of the mass media. They treated the very idea of such a recession as absurd – and nothing more than the rantings of a madman.

But anyone who has read almost any news source not controlled by the corporate media has come across countless articles describing in sober, well supported detail, the precipitous state of not just this country’s, but indeed the entire world’s economy.

The question becomes, why are the mass media try to pretend that everything is just hunky dory when it’s clearly not the case?

The answer: Because pacifying us, distracting us, misinforming us – are all critical components of an Establishment-directed information system whose chief priority is to hide and camouflage their takeover of our country.

That is why 9/11 is so important, because this was one of the occasions when their evil agenda was acted out in the open for all to see.

Maybe they wanted to start a war in the middle east. Maybe they wanted to create a reason to dismantle our Bill of Rights and strengthen their Surveillance and Police State capabilities. Maybe there was critical evidence of their massive financial criminality stored in the World Trade Center’s Building 7 which had to be destroyed forever. Maybe all of the above.

But for whatever the reasons, on 9/11 the Elite conducted their evil out in the open for all of us to see. With remote-controlled airplanes flown into buildings they created a plausible cover for the completely impossible collapse into dust of not just the World Trade Center’s Towers One and Two – but of the lesser known (I wonder why) Tower Seven, which housed various government agencies including the Security and Exchange Commission office which was conducting investigations of massive financial criminal cases.

These three steel-framed buildings became – on one day – the first steel-framed buildings in history to be reduced to piles of dust as a result of fire. But the corporate-controlled mass media has effectively banned any of the mounds of evidence which prove conclusively that the official story is – I’m sorry – a pile of shit.

Collapsing steel-frame buildings (or even wood-framed buildings, for that matter) do not come down in a uniform, symmetrical manner. They do not fall into a neat pile at their base and they certainly do not collapse at free-fall speed – not unless significant parts of their foundations and structure are taken away.

We have been lied to and we continue to be lied to every day.

We can persist in believing these lies, and continue being the passive puppets they need us to be.

Or we can reject their lies, reject their propaganda and thought-control, reject their rigged elections and false representatives.

The choice – the duty – to see past these lies falls on each and every one of us.